Clearly customers are delighted with Tri-Valley Landscape based on reading their Yelp reviews. I’m no exception!! As an earlier reviewer stated, I’m a homeowner with some ideas but without a firm plan. Horacio and crew treated me patiently, respectfully, listened to my needs and provided reasonable options. After that it was easy. Order the materials, schedule delivery, and Horacio even spent some time showing me how to stack rocks for my retaining wall. I can’t say enough about why this is to place to go for advice and materials.
— Chuck B.

We like to use this place because they are friendly to the homeowner that doesn't need tons of material.   When we want to do a small project, it's hard to get smaller quantities of rock or mulch and this place seems like the best in the Tri-Valley to go to.   I never get hassled for wasting the time of the big wholesalers.  They are friendly and sell at decent prices.

— Brandi L.

Tri-valley is great! I always enjoy being there and they do great work. The staff is super friendly and accommodating, but also very professional. As far as the materials they provide, I think they are top quality and reasonably priced. I don't know anywhere else I would want to go to get landscape materials, or to rent a concrete trailer. Love this place!

— Conor A.

I was looking for a local company to deliver some bark mulch to my home in Pleasanton.  Under a Richert Lumber review, I found a positive review for Tri-Valley Concrete and decided to give it  a try. They have a selection of 8-10 types of mulch.  Service is great and prices are reasonable. I purchased 3 yards of bark/mulch and it was delivered the next morning for a small delivery charge.

— R.G.

Great service! They delivered a 1310 pound boulder with 2 men, then sent 6 men to move it exactly where we wanted it placed.

— Robert W.


Happy with their ability to accommodate me.  I had them deliver a truckload of bark at a reasonable price.  I've also picked up my own bark for my clients use.  Don't feel like I'm getting ripped off like other companies in the far North Bay.

— Dallas h.

Wow, can't believe the service difference between Tri Valley Landscape and the previous place I went to for years (which is much closer to my house in Livermore).  Prices are good, but the reason I'll keep going to Tri Valley first from now on is the people... always friendly, courteous and willing to help.

— Jason Z.

I love coming here. They are always so helpful and incredibly knowledgable. They have more options to choose from than any other rock yard in the area. I've had them deliver several loads of materials to numerous job sites and they are always professional and timely. Check them out for your next landscaping project and you'll see what I'm talking about.

— Shawn S.

My husband and I were looking for mulch on Labor Day to finish our yard, but no one was open on the holiday.  We drove by Tri Valley, who also had a closed sign, but noticed a couple of guys inside.  They opened for us and sold us the mulch we needed to finish our yard.  They are amazing and so nice.  Thanks for helping us that day--great service!!

— Robin W.