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Tri-Valley Concrete and Landscape Materials not only offers the Tri-Valley area a wide selection of landscape materials, we are also the only vendors in the Tri-Valley area with U-Haul concrete trailers. By using your own SUV or pick up truck, you can pick up a trailer with up to one yard of concrete, custom mixed specific to your needs.

Family owned and operated, you’ll receive excellent customer service with that “Mom and Pop” feel that is missing in many businesses. Whether you are looking for bulk materials such as bark, soil mixes, decorative rocks, pavers, retaining walls, boulders, flagstone, or in need of a small amount of concrete mix, Tri-Valley Concrete and Landscape Materials is the best choice!


What Is a Concrete Trailer?

We provide U-Haul concrete trailers that hold up to a yard of concrete which you can tow behind your SUV or truck. They are small drums that rotate and run on gasoline so your mix stays fresh when you get to your job site. We offer several types of mixes such as a 3/8" gravel mix & 3/4". If you are not sure what to get just call one of our professionals to assist you with your needs. We also accept reservations via phone call. 



Tri-Valley Concrete and Landscape Materials proudly serves the Tri-Valley Area, which means deliveries to your home or job site. Our trucks can carry bulk material, pallets, or loose boulders. Call us for a quote to your location!


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Our Business

Tri-Valley Concrete & Landscape Materials is independently owned and operated and has been servicing the Tri-Valley Area for  eight years now. If you want to get to know us more click below.


A Top Service

We know everyone has different ideas of what the perfect yard looks like, we are more than happy to help you achieve your dreams.