Concrete Trailers


Please call us for pricing on our concrete trailers.


Rules for Concrete Trailers

Rentals for concrete trailers are first come first serve, unless reserved ahead of time. Each time a cart leaves the yard you have 2/hrs with it. We start batching concrete trailers at 7:30am, when we open, and our last cart goes out at 2pm. We do need you to physically be at the yard in order to get the trailer running and hitched to the back of your truck. 

concrete planning

You must measure out your space before coming in to get a concrete trailer. If you do not know how to convert the measurements of your space into yards feel free to bring in the numbers and we will calculate it for you. Make sure your area is completely flat and is the same depth throughout otherwise you will need more or less concrete. 


We do offer some extras for your concrete needs. We carry Davis Colors in powder form, ask us for the color you are looking for and we will add it to your mix. We also carry powder accelerator to speed up the process if you need your concrete mix to dry quicker.  We have 80lb concrete mix bags available if you need less than a trailer rental.


What to expect

You need a 2" ball hitch in order to tow the trailer behind your truck or SUV. The trailers weigh 2,440/lbs without concrete inside, make sure your truck is able to hold the weight of the trailer and the concrete. The portable trailer rotates which makes it easy for the concrete inside to stay fresh and ready to use.  The trailers hold one yard maximum but we can also do 1/4 yard increments.  If you are taking the trailer on the freeway and are afraid it might spill we also rent covers to keep your concrete safe inside the drum. We do need a current drivers license and credit card  in order to let you rent the trailer.  Please be aware that the trailers do require gasoline which means they need to be filled back up upon return. You will need to fill out a rental agreement before renting the trailer.

Tools and More

We carry concrete tools like floats, wheel barrows, trowels, hand edgers, tie wires, rebar, brooms, handles, tampers, and many other tools. If you are looking for something in particular just give us a call and we can let you know if we carry it.