Pick It Up 6 Days a Week or Let Us Deliver It for You!

Tri Valley Concrete and Landscape Materials offer delivery in the Tri Valley area and beyond! Bulk delivery of all our bulk products such as bark, soil mixes and decorative rock and delivery of pavers and retaining walls too!

Our service area includes Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Ruby Hills, Blackhawk, Alamo and Sunol.

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How much mulch do I need? MULCH MATH!

Step One: Calculate your square footage of area (multiply length x width)

Step Two: Decide depth of product. (Mulch is typically 2″-3″. Soil and rock depend on project)

Step Three: Divide SQ Footage by number that equates to depth for total cubic yards needed.

  • 1″ SQ Footage ÷ 325 = Cubic Yards
  • 2″ SQ Footage ÷ 162 = Cubic Yards
  • 3″ SQ Footage ÷ 108 = Cubic Yards
  • 4″ SQ Footage ÷ 81 = Cubic Yards
  • 5″ SQ Footage ÷ 65 = Cubic Yards
  • 6″ SQ Footage ÷ 54 = Cubic Yards
  • 8″ SQ Footage ÷40 = Cubic Yards

Please call the store at (925) 462-4202 for delivery rates and schedule your material delivery today!